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May 4, 2009
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Sketch The Foundation by toonrama Sketch The Foundation by toonrama
Notes/ Lines for inspiration to draw this sketch:

The major environmental fallout of a robust consumption driven economic growth is the generation of a
growing amounts of municipal wastes. Many cities and towns
are overwhelmed by the increase in the volume of waste that
they must manage with every passing year. The variety and complexity
of materials now demands higher capacity levels to
collect, manage and dispose of waste safely. Only such a transition
can stop harm being done to the environment and in turn, human health.
Evidently, few local bodies are equipped to perform
the task. Although, they are mandated by the Municipal Solid Waste
Management Rules,2000, to adopt specific protocols,hardly any have made any strenuous effort
in this direction(dealing the waste such as municipal solid waste, bio medical waste and the less visible, but very toxic E-waste).
The problem is compounded by the absence of segregated collection systemsand separated streams for different types of wastes. What cities and towns produce are an amalgam of municipal, hazardous and toxic wastes. When such refuge is open-burnt
toxins are released. Burying produces Leachate that percolates into groundwater, again, with serious
implications for public health. Fortunately, the dangers are now recognized and solutions to reduce, recycle, compost and ultimately dispose of a small quantum of waste in a scientific manner are available. Policy corrections are necessary to avoid converting the country into a dumping ground for E-waste. Waste management must become the centre piece of enlightened policy for
cities and towns to breathe easy.

- Lift from " The Survey of Environment 2008" published by
"The Hindu"

I posted this work in a hurry, so there are some patch works
left unattended. Will do that soon and repost them.

Tools: 0.5 B Lead on 2 A3 sheets.
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toonrama Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2010
Thank you brother... I am glad that this picture turned out a nice one
and impressive... :)
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